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16th August 2017What is on-site optimisation and how does it help with your SEO?

Emily - Digital Marketing Manager

By EmilyDigital Marketing Manager

There’s no doubt that when launching a website, you want it to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible and have a dazzling design.  However, looks aren’t everything. At Studio44 we work on making sure that not only does your website look great, but that its also easily accessible and the people you want to find it, can find it. A big aspect of the SEO approach we take is using on-site optimisation. This makes websites appealing for both the user and search engines through the use of applicable content and keywords.

Keywords and Content

When going from page to page, a website needs to be rich in keywords and relatable topics, this helps to increase reach from search engines but also will maximise how relatable and relevant the information is.  Keywords need to be added naturally across a site in order to increase SEO performance, however it’s only natural for some pages on a website to have more keywords than others. At the end of the day, always consider quality and quantity; the quality of the wording has to be there, but equally cramming in keywords and over exceeding on your content will over do it and become unappealing. 

Page Titles

Page titles are an important feature when it comes to actually achieving a view on a website. The title is that small snippet of information that tells you what you’re actually looking at. No one wants a long page title and equally it needs to relate the the business. If a title can feature one key word and it doesn’t exceed too many characters you’re on to a winner. 

Meta Descriptions

 Meta descriptions are critical when enticing users to your website. Essentially a meta description is the text that appears under the title when inputting a business into a search engine. It’s important for the meta descriptions to be concise, relatable and not too long. This way it clearly displays what your business does through being applicable to the person searching and enticing them further to look at your business’ website. It should be considered when writing a meta description to incorporate keywords as to make it relatable and encourage users to click further into the website. If it doesn’t relate to the business and doesn’t make sense, what’s the point?

At Studio44 our approach with SEO is bespoke to each client and we will provide ongoing support to achieve the best for our clients, if you want to find out more do not hesitate to contact us today!

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