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20th March 2018Welcome to Studio44!

Emily - Digital Marketing Manager

By EmilyDigital Marketing Manager

We’re really excited to introduce to you the launch of Studio44. Over the past few months the team have been working hard to create our new brand and website, it’s been a hugely rewarding project, and one every member of the team has been involved with. We hope the change will show clearly who we are and what we do!

Why have we done this?

Despite more than 16 years of trading as Larrytech, we decided that since our recent move in the summer, now would be the perfect time to continue the changes with a rebrand. We believe this evolution is something that better aligns us with the clients we’re working with now, and those we will be working with moving forward.

Over recent years we’ve had feedback from various people and often we’re associated just with tech and IT, and although we have lots of technical web knowledge and skill, we wanted to demonstrate more clearly our creative and digital marketing expertise. Our new brand and range of services demonstrate this, and we strongly believe we can add the most value to a client when working with them on an on-going basis to provide design and digital marketing support.

 We hope that ‘Studio’ demonstrates how we work – we’re in a studio space together, enabling our team to work collaboratively to achieve the best results possible for our clients.

What has changed?

Not too much – we have a new website, a new logo, new colours and a new name, but all the principles and approaches we had as Larrytech will remain the same. This change means we can continue to provide the service we always have done, and continue to produce award winning sites, but we’ll have a contemporary and up-to-date brand to go with it that’s more representative of our work and expertise.

Check it out!

If you’ve got to the point of reading this article, then you’ve found your way to our site. Whilst you’re here, you might as well check it out. If you want to see how we work, have a look at our range of services. Another great feature we love on our site is the studio page which we feel is both interesting and modern and means you can see the team you’ll be working with.

With a rebrand comes a change in social media, too. Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages to see what’s different & keep an eye out next week for a like and share competition on Facebook!

We’re so proud of this new beginning and hope that you love it as much as we do – drop us a line or give us a call, we’d love to hear your thoughts… and of course, you’re always welcome to pop into the studio to say hi!

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