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5th February 2019The value we add for website hosting and support

Larry - Managing Director

By LarryManaging Director

It is no secret that every website live on the internet is hosted with a varying level of on-going support. We often get new and existing clients asking us ‘what is the difference between hosting a website with us and paying £4 a month to one of the big providers?'. This article will look at the value we give our clients and why we set our charges at the level we do.


The first factor to consider with low budget monthly hosting providers is the limited ability you have to implement changes on the website. This significantly hinders your chances of improving your user experience and the overall performance of your website. Moreover, the chances are limited flexibility will be given to the software or applications you wish to deploy as they will most likely be run on shared platforms that may not be compatible with your branding or evolving website strategy.

Client First Approach

The inexpensive hosting company will most likely have a customer service line that requires you to wait in a queue to speak with an agent, or reaching out via email will usually involve several days to receive a reply. The major issue with this for business owners is a significant loss of productivity! So, what makes our hosting approach different? Ultimately, we are a single point of contact – whether it be an issue updating your site, making changes to the design or layout, the site running slowly or being unavailable for some reason – a single email or call is all it takes for us to start investigating for you, which offers enormous peace of mind!

Pack-One-Pack-All on Downtime Service Issues

There are many reasons why downtime occurs for websites, from external technical problems with the servers to internal implications with rogue code errors. The most important factor is ensuring downtime is minimised and if errors are apparent they are quickly resolved.  If you compare your website to a physical presence, whether that be an office or retail, you’ll understand that there are costs attached to maintenance. With a physical location you’ll be paying rent, a service charge, electricity, internet connectivity and much much more. For many businesses, these costs are a substantial chunk of their expenses. So – if you’re spending many thousands a year, or even a month, on ensuring your physical presence is up to the requirements of your business, does it not seem sensible to invest in your online presence in the same way?

What makes Studio44 hosting any different?

Uptime is a critical measure for any online business. It’s essentially a measure of site availability, and the web is full of promises of 100% uptime or 99.9999% uptime. In reality, these promises are highly unrealistic. Things go wrong. Datacentres lose power, hardware fails, software updates go wrong… and so much more. What I believe is far more important is that you have a company in place who will manage these issues and keep you updated, to minimise any business impact.

We run a number of hosting servers in a datacentre in Reading (that’s Reading, UK, rather than Reading, Pennsylvania). UK-based hosting is critical in terms of network quality and website speed. With Google in particular penalising slow sites, we work hard to ensure sites run as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that we’re not experts at running servers ourselves, hence why we use the services of Pulsant – datacentre experts with whom we have a very longstanding relationship. They’re incredibly pro-active, and, we know, on the very few occasions we have to call on them, any issues will be resolved efficiently and quickly.

Likewise, in terms of the support for websites and any server issues, we are able to handle a lot from the office, and our front-line helpdesk is office based. However, we also contract a team of 24/7 technicians who monitor, manage and maintain the quality of our network infrastructure.

Cheap Doesn’t Mean Cheerful

When compared to the cheaper solutions on the market (of which there are many), we compare favourably in terms of support, speed and reliability. Many cheap web hosts will be able to offer hosting at the price they do because they cut corners in areas such as support where it’s often difficult to get hold of anyone who can help if things go wrong – not what you want if your business is heavily reliant on your web presence.

Many of the cheaper options will also allow their servers to get far too close to capacity – the more websites you have on a server the more money you will make, but also the slower those websites will be, and one spike of bandwidth for an individual site can take the whole server down.

We truly believe what we offer through our hosting website support service is fully scalable and robust to cater for the requirements of all our clients. So, if you do have any questions about your infrastructure and how you feel it could be improved then we would love to hear from you

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