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11th September 2017Testimonials: Why Do We Need Them?

Emily - Digital Marketing Manager

By EmilyDigital Marketing Manager

If you were going to book a holiday, I can probably guarantee you would read at least one review of the destination before pursuing it. There is no reason why small businesses shouldn’t benefit from having reviews and testimonials, too. This article will consider what you should be doing in order to further your success through the use of implementing testimonials to your website.

Why Do I Need a Testimonial?

In this day and age, the web is full of so many reviews for a variety of different products and services that it has almost become an expectation for consumers.

According to studies, 84% of people trust an online review as much as they would trust a friend’s recommendation. Consequently, implementing a testimonial to your site is a simplistic method of validation and adding an extra element of credit to your site. 

How Many Should I Have?

The dreaded question many clients reluctantly ask at fear of the number being awfully high. Fear not, studies have suggested sometimes a mere 6 testimonials will be enough for many consumers. It really depends, however adding small snippets of testimonials over several locations on the site is something that's easily done and adds that extra bit of integrity to your business.

What Should The Testimonial Say?

First and foremost, never fake it. All your testimonials should be genuine and displaying where they came from, this simply furthers your trustworthiness. It’s important to also remember that your testimonials don’t have to be wholly about the product or service you provide; they can incorporate information about your customer service and relationships you develop with your consumers.

How Do I Get Testimonials?

Sometimes requesting a testimonial may seem like an intimidating task, however asking a customer to provide a testimonial demonstrates that you value their opinion, helping to build a long-lasting relationship.

We highly recommend asking your clients to leave a review on Google My Business. This works in conjunction with SEO as when people Google your business in the future, the reviews are displayed under your business' listing and will be one of the first things someone sees.

Another method is through the use of social media; people love to post their opinions on social media and this ultimately provides a platform that enables you to easily access consumer reviews.

Where Should I Display Them?

Arguably when adding a testimonial to your website, implementing it on the pages that drive your most important conversions is a good place to have them. This is particularly valuable as it’s at this point where your potential customers are making a decision. With this in mind, it’s worth taking some time to add specific testimonials that complement the conversion you’re trying to achieve on that page. At Studio44, our designers are able to easily implement testimonials almost anywhere on your site, making having them a simple but extremely beneficial task.  

If you’re interested in furthering your credibility by adding a testimonial to your site, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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