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23rd May 2019Planning your digital marketing strategy - start with the why

Doug - Business Development Director

By DougBusiness Development Director

First of all, what is a digital marketing strategy? Your strategy is a series of actions you will undertake to help reach the digital marketing goals you have set for your company. You need to decide who your target audience is, evaluate your current strategy, choose which tools you’ll need, and the list goes on…

Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes we have noticed is that companies will focus on what they do and how they do it, instead of communicating why they do it.

This is accurately summed up by Simon Sinek in this fantastic Ted talk.

So why is it so important to think about the ‘why’?

Let’s take a PR and Events company as an example - is their marketing going to have more impact if they talk about:

  • The great press releases they can write (well everyone says they’re great don’t they?)
  • How much they love their job
  • The collective years of experience their team has got (which can often be bumped up considerably by one, slightly more elderly team member)


If they talk about:

  • The amount of coverage a particular client got from one of their press releases, backed up by testimonials and stats
  • How many enquiries their client got from a PR campaign they ran
  • The customer retention enjoyed by their client on the back of a series of events they ran

We think results orientated messaging is the best way for a business to market themselves as a website visitor is more likely to identify and engage with one of the problems you have solved for another client, or the results you achieved for them than a list of your services.

So how do you find your why? And how should this impact your messaging?

The easiest way to find your why is think about typical problems or pain points clients come to you with and the results you get for them. You may be an Estate Agent and the common reason why a client comes to you is their previous agent was getting viewings, but the property wasn’t getting offers for the right price. Your ‘why’ in this instance may well be the value you can add by presenting the property to achieve the desired price and the quality and experience of your team who do viewings. If you solve this problem for a lot of your clients then include this in your messaging by:

  • Focus on it in throughout your website content
  • Add case studies which demonstrate this exact problem and how you solve it
  • Create blog posts which talk about this – in the Estate Agent example, give advice and guidance on maximising the asking price of your property. This shows visitors you really know what you’re talking about.

Step into the shoes of your audience

Another common mistake when defining why people choose you is thinking about why you would choose you. Instead of this, put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and think why THEY would choose you… and you may be surprised, their reasons for deciding to use you are likely to be different to what you think. A good way of finding out why clients use you is by sending out a survey or phoning up and asking them (it’s never a bad thing to keep in touch with your clients in any case). You can even use polls on social media channels like Twitter to ask your audience what they would like to hear about - this will help give real clarity with your messaging.

If you need any help defining your ‘why’ or planning your web strategy, we would love to speak to you to point you in the right direction!


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