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20th April 2018Our top tips to clients for effective project management

Laura - Account Manager

By LauraAccount Manager

Being a full-service web agency we include project and account management as part of our package. This takes the stress away from our clients and gives them someone as the main point of contact to oversee and keep the project on track. James Blacklee, our Creative Director, will see you through the initial design phase of the project and then I take over to ensure things run smoothly up until launch.

Manage your time effectively

Getting your website launched as quickly as possible, in our opinion should be without a doubt, your number one priority. Having a fresh website is always better for business, and quite often it is a client’s first impression of you, so it’s important to make a good one! Once we have got the project started it can be so easy to let it slip down your to-do list. This is where James and I come in, to make sure everyone is keeping to the deadline set.

Stay in touch 

We will always let you know what to expect with updates via email or phone and set realistic deadlines for work to be completed or feedback to be gathered. It is important to keep in contact regularly to ensure the project keeps moving forward.

Provide clear and specific feedback

Try to give us really clear and concise feedback. Simply saying “I don't like it” isn't always very helpful. Bullet point what it is that you don't like and why, and perhaps what you’d like to see instead. That way we can understand you better and give constructive solutions. Be honest! We won’t be offended if you don't particularly like something, you don't need to spare our feelings, don't worry. We are a very friendly, fun office so not much offends us, trust me!

You can trust us, I promise!

Without sounding too big-headed, we are experts in web design and development. We understand user experience, latest trends, what looks good and what doesn’t in a website design. We want our clients to get the best website possible, and one that will be the most effective for their business, so sometimes personal taste has to take a back seat.

Final Thoughts

It's great to enlist one person in your team for us to liaise with, we have learnt over the years doing it via a committee is not very effective. Equally, having a dedicated project manager gives you continuity throughout the project, rather than being passed from person to person. Either one of us is always available via phone or email, so relax knowing that you can carry on doing your job day to day, while we do ours! Want to get in touch about a new project, let us know! 


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