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5th September 2017Digital Marketing - Three-Quarters Of The Way Through 2017

Emily - Digital Marketing Manager

By EmilyDigital Marketing Manager

As September comes around, we realise we are three-quarters of the way through 2017. Having said this, it might be worth taking the time to stop and pause, and see what 2017 has given to us in terms of digital marketing. What’s new? What’s improving? What can we do?

Live Video & Expiring Content

It seems a new phenomenon has arisen and many businesses are continuing to use it. Incorporating live videos across your businesses website and social networks seems to be an enticing way to encourage engagement with your consumers.

When providing content to your users that will only last for a short period of time, it enables you to create an element of excitement. The concept of a live video expiring and being a one-time watch heightens the anticipation of the user's experience and may make them more inclined to get involved with the content. Furthering this, involving your consumers with a live video will make them feel included in the real time running of it.

Visual Content

It’s said that the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Whilst at Studio44 we believe having thought-provoking text content is a driving factor of a prosperous website, visual content plays a pivotal role in this, too. A balanced and exciting combination of visual & text content results in a model website; small businesses will find this particularly beneficial and our team at Studio44 are capable of developing that for you.

Online Advertising Expenditure

The use of online advertising has continued to grow throughout 2017; Google and Facebook Ads are still up there at the top spots. With over 3.7 billion internet users across the globe, people want to find reviews and information on businesses through using the likes of Google and Facebook. Therefore, we would encourage the continued use of PPC campaigns in order for businesses to measure calls to action.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing seems to have become increasingly popular throughout the year so far. In terms of digital marketing, we’ve seen a rise in companies creating unusual & catchy content with the hope it goes viral and generate a bulk of traffic. The old phrase “it’s quality not quantity” is very applicable here.

Viral marketing is something clients may consider, especially when we work on the SEO of your business. Google’s algorithms consider the social status of your content when deciding where you come in search engine rankings, this is the likes and shares for example. Therefore, the combination of the SEO we provide you, in addition to viral marketing, will result in a recipe for success for your business.

If you think your website could do with some improvements, Studio44 can help, so feel free to get in contact with us today!

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