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29th August 2017Continuing Your PPC Campaign Success

Emily - Digital Marketing Manager

By EmilyDigital Marketing Manager

We’ve previously discussed the secret to successful PPC campaigns, but how can you go the extra mile to ensure the continued success? Pay-per click campaigns can increase traffic to your website, but ultimately they’re used to generate business for your company and increase the ROI. This article will demonstrate several points that will help to achieve continued success for your PPC campaigns.

Deepen Your Audience Understanding

Firstly, you need to know your audience; both your business and clients will transition over time and it is imperative you continue to monitor who your audience are, how they behave and what works well for them and for you.

Before setting up your PPC campaign it’s undoubtable that you will discover an understanding of who your audience is. However, as your PPC campaign matures, you may find it helpful to construct a deeper analysis of your audience. Through the use of Google Analytics for example, you can see the specifics of the clientele using your website: how old they are, their gender, their interests and occupations.

Having this information develops your understanding of the consumer and can further increase your knowledge, enabling you to target your ads specifically to the clients you want to attract.

Quality Keywords

When starting a campaign, it’s paramount that in-depth research on keywords is conducted in order to optimise your PPC campaign, but it’s not just that. It’s important to frequently monitor the keywords over time and discover what is doing well and what isn’t so efficacious. Through doing this you are able to grasp which keywords are the most effective and focus your campaign around those keywords. It’s important to acknowledge that it’s ok to have fewer quality keywords that are specifically tailored to your campaign, rather than several generic keywords: remember, ‘quality, not quantity’.

Conversion Tracking: Is It Working?

PPC success isn’t a one-time job, continued monitoring is essential as change often occurs and is a constant process. Conversion tracking allows you to measure specific calls to action, for example an enquiry from. This insight allows you to understand your ROI and how well the PPC campaign in question is performing.

It’s More Than Just PPC

Whilst PPC is extremely useful, a combination of strategies is always recommended. Launching a PPC campaign is an important component to your business’ continued success, but we also advise there are further techniques to achieve your marketing goals through the use of aligning your strategies.

When aligning PPC with your SEO, Social Media and general marketing strategy, the chances of your campaign’s success will flourish. An all-inclusive approach will help to wholly understand how your audience react through other channels, as will enable you to continually develop the knowledge you have surrounding your user’s behaviour.

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