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24th June 2019Content Marketing - Why it's so important

Doug - Business Development Director

By DougBusiness Development Director

Content Marketing is an incredibly important element to almost any modern digital strategy, but why is it so crucial and so important? Here are some of the key reasons:  


Position your business

A content marketing strategy allows you to position and present your business in whatever way you want to attract your audience. Usually you want to position yourself as an ‘industry expert’ - content marketing is a great way of doing this by commenting on industry-specific, relevant topics. For example, an accountancy firm who deals predominantly with SMEs can create a whitepaper that reviews the most recent budget in detail and discusses potential implications for their clients. This shows their client base that they keep in tune with what’s going on in their industry, and positions them to website visitors and potential clients as a credible and authoritative source.

Search engine performance

It’s a well-known fact that new content is a vitally important part of any SEO strategy. It does have to be quality content, but as long as what you’re writing has value and depth, your search engine performance will improve the more content you publish on your site. 

Here are a few tips for writing content to improve search engine performance:

SEO tips

  • Include keywords in the content – use a keyword tool such as Moz or Google Ads Planner.
  • Use a question as your article title. Using the budget example earlier, a title like ‘How will the budget impact my SME business?’ could be a great title as it’s a query a business owner may well search!
  • Write for humans not search engines. If you write content well enough then search engines will pick up on it in any case, so don’t keyword stuff or write anything that won’t make sense for a user, it won’t help either with search engine performance or user experience.

Conversion rate

Great content will help improve your conversion rates, whether this is new case studies which add to your credibility, video testimonials from your clients or just well thought out and written calls to action can make a big difference when it comes to getting those website visitors to pick up the phone or submit an enquiry. 


Content marketing is one of the most efficient long-term strategies because once you have written content, it will remain there until such time as you remove it, and you never know when someone may find an article you write. This article, for example which is being originally published in June 2019 could be found, read and still useful in 2022 so as opposed to other forms of advertising such as Google Ads where once a visitor has clicked on your ad, your budget has been spent, content will continue to promote your brand for years to come.

Competitive Advantage

Quality website content gives you an edge over your competitors. Take the Accountancy firm I discussed earlier in this article – if they’re publishing an excellent, informative whitepaper about the budget and their competitors aren’t, they have given themselves a significant edge. Content marketing will also give a business a competitive advantage in search engines – the quality content they’re creating will give them an edge over a competitor competing for the same keywords but publishing less content.


Another reason content marketing is such an efficient strategy is that it can be re-used in many different ways. Sometimes it will need a tweak, but a blog article that you publish, for example can then be used:

  • As a press release
  • As content for an email newsletter
  • On your social media channels
  • As guest articles on another website

Content can be shared

Great content that you publish can then be shared by you in many different places, but if you write good enough content, it will be shared by your audience as well. So an article you publish can give your brand a far and wide reach without you doing anything other than publishing it.

Show your personality

I have spoken before about the importance of personality in your web presence and new content is one of the best ways of doing this. There are lots of different ways of showing your personality within your web presence using content marketing. Here’s some ideas:

  • Create case studies which go into detail on a particular project or piece of work and talk about the team involved and who did what. This is a great way of showing to potential clients who they may be working with.
  • Talk about your team news/exploits. Whether this is a charity run one of your team has done, weddings, engagement, babies or even just a few pictures from your team social (early in the night), clients and potential clients like seeing that they deal with people who have normal lives too.
  • Keep your blog populated and updated with articles written by multiple team members, each of whom is likely to have their own writing style and put their own spin on a topic.

So there you have it, hopefully this article demonstrates why content marketing is so useful and important. We firmly believe that if every client we work with committed to a content marketing strategy, they would see positive results certainly in terms of website traffic and search engine performance. In coming weeks we’re going to talk through in a bit more detail about content marketing, but if you can’t wait for this, or feel like you want to start a content marketing strategy but need some help and input, we would love to speak to you and give you some guidance!


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