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29th October 2018Content marketing for companies

By ZacDigital Marketing

Nowadays, content marketing should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. But we often get asked by clients why is content marketing so important? On a website, content can be the difference between the user making an enquiry or clicking off the page. On a blog post, content can be the difference between your target demographic engaging with your brand or going elsewhere. Although content marketing is much more than that…

Why do we use Content Marketing?

Creating content that adds value to a user both on-site and through digital channels Is key to reaching your target audience and engaging with them. High quality content marketing campaigns achieve the following:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase trust and credibility
  • Generate more leads and enquiries
  • Support SEO strategies

Effective ways of Content Marketing

At Studio44, we create content strategies with a tone of voice that helps our clients’ reach new audiences without alienating their existing customers. We focus on the following avenues:

  • Customer engagement content – creative and engaging content that brings brand stories to life
  • Social strategy – Social media relies heavily upon content that is published and promoted effectively.
  • Video production – Creating brand films that are inspiring, engaging and shareable.
  • Link-building content – Constructing content for improved SEO and helping your content reach further

What to do with Content Marketing

Content marketing has become an essential aspect of online marketing. However, simply writing it doesn’t bring people to the party! The first aspect of content marketing is identifying the needs of your target demographic and what they are interested in. The second aspect is creating a strategy that can be tailored to captivate your desired audience, this talks directly to them. Creating the right content that works for your target demographic and fits within your wider marketing strategy is important! Finally, using data metrics to understand what content has worked and what needs to be changed is imperative.

How can you use content marketing?

There are numerous reasons why companies deploy content marketing strategies, but some are a lot more obvious than others. The less obvious factors such as brand building have become an increasingly important motivator behind content marketing. Creating content that builds trust usually translates to meaningful content such as reviews and generating FAQs. However, content can also be introduced to combat negative PR in search results. Replying to negative Google reviews is crucial for rectifying bad brand experiences.  

We tend to find a high proportion of companies adopting a “salesy” tactic with their content marketing approach. Although this may work, is it building trust over time? Content marketing first and foremost is about providing regular, relevant and useful content through a website portal and associated promotion across social media. The sales come as a result of trust!

If you are looking to revamp your content marketing strategy and struggling on where to start, we would love to hear from you!

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