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3rd October 2016Case Study - Wantasport

Doug - Business Development Director

By DougBusiness Development Director

We recently developed an exciting new web based application to assist sports enthusiasts... have a read on to see more detail and information on the project, and how it unfolded


"I have been extremely happy with Studio44 throughout the build of Wantasport, they have built and designed a beautiful website which exceeds my expectation. James and the team are very responsive and easy to communicate with. I look forward to working with Studio44 over the coming years and can’t recommend them enough!” Ollie Kent, Founder


Wantasport is an exciting new website, with the aim of providing a portal for sports enthusiasts to find clubs, coaches and holiday camps in a specific geographic area.


The brief for the initial website was to list sport clubs, coaches and holiday camps in a searchable way for users, and make it easy for individual clubs, coaches and holiday camps to be able to update their own profiles.

Another key requirement was to promote sports to a wider audience, as the business was initially founded because of the sports passion of the founder, Ollie Kent, who is a Tennis coach himself.

This is a business that will grow, with requirements and functionality likely to change as the business evolves, so another key was to build the website on a scalable, flexible platform that would allow the website to be extended as necessary long-term.

The Project

When completing a web application project like this, ease of use of the system is absolutely critical. To enable us to work this as efficiently as we could, it was important to wireframe the process in the first instance. This consisted of us producing diagrams that showed how the whole process works on paper, which meant we could focus tightly on functionality, and most importantly we had thorough blueprint documents which would show in detail the specifics of the system.

Once we had the approved wireframe document, we moved on to designs of the website, with the focus being on simplicity, ease of navigation and clarity of information. To achieve this, we decided on a modern, visual design with a strong focus on the ‘search’ box of the website, as this is the most important action for users to take when they enter the website.

Specific attention was given to how the website performed on a mobile device, and the experience of a user on mobile. With so many users browsing the internet on a mobile device, this function was absolutely critical. We were particularly pleased with the performance of the website on mobile devices – both visually and in terms of navigation.

The way we built the website was very important, as it allows clubs/coaches to manage and update their own profile very easily, and is also going to be easy to extend as requirements change and the business grows. We chose popular PHP framework Laravel to build the website. This allowed us to add bespoke functions that make the website easy to extend further down the line as requirements evolve.          

The Outcome

It’s a little too early to measure long-term success given the website and business is so new, however early indications are positive with great feedback both from Ollie, as well as others who have seen, and are indeed using the website

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