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27th March 2017Case study - The Piano Shop Kent

Doug - Business Development Director

By DougBusiness Development Director

We recently launched a brand new e-commerce website for The Piano Shop Kent, and put together artwork for supporting brand material.


"Finding the right company to develop your website is crucial to business success. Having started out using a freelancer who didn’t deliver what I was after, it came as a huge relief to discover Studio44. They listened carefully to my requirements and asked pertinent questions about the piano business to establish how best to deliver what I envisaged. I was confident from the start that they would be able to create the kind of site that would reflect The Piano Shop’s ethos and style. At the beginning of the process they helped me with my logo and branding which was vital to getting the business off the ground.


Alex Cole, the ‘front end developer’, took everything on board and thought carefully about the structure of the site and the navigation, as well as the aesthetic side of things. There were a few tweaks along the way, but having done the hard thinking at the start these were relatively minor. Once the structure was in place I was able to upload all the information about the pianos and our services. The support was excellent and we were able to integrate the payment system and set up the exchange email relatively easily.


I’m delighted with the site and many people have commented on how impressed they are when they visit it. It’s a great asset which I’m sure will stand the business in good stead for many years to come" Nigel Scaife, Founder


The Piano Shop Kent, is a new business based on the Eridge road just outside of Tunbridge Wells. We were approached by Nigel, the founder and owner to build their new website, put together branded materials alongside his already existing logo, and provide support in helping establish his Social Media presence.


Key objectives for the new website included:

  • Promoting Nigel’s business to a wider audience, drawing those who find the website in with the hope they will then visit.
  • To be a strong point of reference, clearly highlighting the quality of the pianos and Nigel’s expertise.
  • To grow an online brand, supporting other marketing activities.

The Project

The first job was to take Nigel’s logo design, and develop this into a logo that would work across multiple outputs, so we created versions and the rest of the artwork for his business cards, letterheads, compliment slips and crucially, a high impact large sign that would attract those driving by to pop into the shop.

Then it was onto the website – and we felt the best way to draw a visitor in, was to include relevant, high impact visuals and images as soon as a visitor lands on the website with core messaging to ensure key selling points are instantly highlighted. The website was also kept simple with a strong emphasis on core information being easy to find – there was no need to make the website unnecessarily complicated.

An easy to browse selection of pianos was also important, as when visitors browse their way through the collection, they instantly get a feel for the quality of pianos on offer, whilst a prominent focus on Nigel and his impressive experience/credentials helped further underpin this.

We set Nigel up a blog on his website, and took him through the basics of Facebook. The key reasons for this were as follows:

  • Again, to showcase Nigel’s expertise – Nigel is well respected in the industry and a regular contributor to The Pianist magazine, so by regularly creating new articles for his website, Nigel can demonstrate his expertise and show that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to pianos.
  • By creating blog articles on his website and sharing these over Facebook, The Piano Shop will start to build more of an online brand, driving traffic back to the website, and at the same time, helping improve search engine visibility.

The website is e-commerce, so visitors can purchase products online. We used e-commerce platform Cs-Cart for this website – we have launched many websites on Cs-Cart and it’s a very feature rich, scalable platform with multiple payment gateway options to integrate with. Cs-Cart also allows The Piano Shop to easily and quickly add/remove Pianos as required.

The Outcome

Overall we’re very happy with the outcome of this project. The Piano Shop have an excellent online showcase of their pianos, and a great platform to grow their digital brand alongside the rest of their business. Having spent a lot of time with Nigel during the project, we’re also very confident in his personal expertise so have no doubt the business will continue to flourish, and that the website will play an important part in supporting this.

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