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15th September 2017Case Study - Capital Currencies

Doug - Business Development Director

By DougBusiness Development Director

Capital Currencies deal with the physical delivery of currency around the world. They are an established business, and have built an excellent reputation locally, providing a very high quality, personal service.


 "I approached Studio44 in order to revamp and update our existing website which was a little tired, outdated and merely a ‘front window’.  


As well as being robust enough to resist unwanted hacks, it also had to be client friendly and even easier for me to manage and update.


I met the team to discuss details, functionality and content, but was confident enough to leave them alone to produce something aligned to 2017 and not 1997.


We think they delivered on all levels: from new images and photos, making a new online registration for clients simple, to an easy and manageable CMS system that even I can get to grips with. With updated tickertape rates too, our clients can check real rates live from our page at any time.


However, the best news so far is, without tempting fate, there have been no unwanted hacks to date..."


Craig Strong

We were approached by Craig Strong, who runs Capital Currencies to look at redevelopment, as their old website was out of date visually and not optimised for mobile devices. After an initial discussion, it became clear that the website was used primarily as a point of reference, with new clients looking to assess the credentials of Craig and his team. There was also a need to please existing clients, who use the website as an informational source. So, our goal was to design and build a website which satisfied both these target audiences.

The Project
We decided to build a modern, visually simple website, and the chosen photography ensured the right balance between a professional, corporate look and feel, and the friendly, personable company they are. This was particularly important with the mix of corporate and private clients they have.

To add a level of credibility for potential clients visiting the website, testimonials were prominently showcased throughout with words from happy clients. In a business where money is involved, this level of credibility is essential. We also included team profiles so website visitors could see the team, their experience and credentials. This highlights a key selling point, that Capital Currencies are a relatively small team which means they know individual clients well and offer excellent customer service. The longevity of staff members is also highlighted here and is another indicator of what a reliable business Capital Currencies is.

As well as new clients, the new website needed to be an information source for existing clients, which is why we included the feed of ticker tape rates. There are also multiple sources of useful information for clients, with an article posted in the news section, and an economic diary available too, both of which are updated weekly. This gives clients plenty of incentive to regularly revisit the website, as there’s a constant stream of regular, up to date information available.       

The Outcome
Overall, we were thrilled with the end result. The new website looks clean and modern, is easy to manage so is kept up to date, and most importantly appeals to all the audiences discussed at the start of the project. We also have a very happy client!


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