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15th November 2017Case Study - Brand Packaging Solutions

Doug - Business Development Director

By DougBusiness Development Director

Brand Packaging Solutions provide branded gifting solutions to a broad range of clients. They have an excellent reputation, are well established in the industry and are very experienced dealing with both brands and retailers.


 "I have recently worked with Studio44 to produce our new website for Brand Packaging Solutions – and the end result is a site that looks truly professional and as visually bold as we’d hoped when we started the journey. Studio44 have been the perfect support partner to bounce around creative ideas.


The team at Studio44 have been great, very helpful and responsive from the beginning – and ensured throughout that we kept the development moving on track to our overall timings. I’d like to thank them for their hard work throughout and their commitment to delivering our vision."


Kelly Skinner, Head of Sales & Marketing


The main goal of the website was to design and build something that could be a strong, credible point of reference that backed up Brand Packaging Solutions’ credentials and demonstrated their impressive client list. It was also particularly important that the website aligned with their brand and was strong visually because much of their own work is creative.

The Project

From a visual perspective, we felt a website that incorporated large, high quality images was most appropriate in creating a striking initial impression, and offering the desired creative look and feel. The modern menu and use of content throughout were other keys to helping enhance the visual appeal of the website.

Brand Packaging Solutions provide very much an end to end solution for their clients, right from design of the packaging all the way through to the supply of the finished product. We wanted to demonstrate this, which was why the ‘approach’ page - was so key. This page not only demonstrates the experience you get when you work with Brand Packaging Solutions, but shows this off in a stylish and creative way, very important to their brand, with cleverly used animation adding extra life and vibrancy to the website.

Brand Packaging Solutions have an impressive portfolio and have worked with some big-name clients. They also really understand the design elements of these big brands, and how important it is for packaging to enhance a brand. Just as importantly, they understand the practicalities of the packaging industry. We showcased this experience and expertise in a number of ways:

  • Client logos on the website homepage
  • Visual case studies, to add depth to what they do
  • Prominent testimonials from big name clients throughout the website

The Outcome

The new Brand Packaging Solutions website looks great, and the big, bold images we feel perfectly fits their brand. We’re also particularly proud of some of the animation on the approach page, and feel confident this website fits the brief Brand Packaging Solutions came to us with at the start of the project.

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