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21st December 2015Case Study - Birchwood House and Birchwood Care

Doug - Business Development Director

By DougBusiness Development Director

Take a look at recent website launches for Birchwood House Rest Home and Birchwood Care Services including an interview with the owner of both, Niral Patel.  

Websites: Birchwood House and Birchwood Care Services.

The background

Birchwood House Rest Home is a care home based in Speldhurst, Tunbridge Wells and has been providing outstanding care to their residents for many years, while Birchwood Care Services has been offering high levels of quality care at home for over 12 years.

Neither the home nor the homecare service had a strong web presence and when we were approached to redevelop the rest home website in the summer, the aim was to then follow on with the homecare website, upgrading the web presence of both to demonstrate the quality of care provided.

The brief

The key business aims for the new rest home website centred around providing the right sort of web presence so potential new residents and their families can get an idea of what the home is all about before a visit.

With the homecare business, the key goals focussed on driving more traffic and business through the website as the market is more infinite than the care home. Careers was also an important part of the site, as recruiting the right staff is vital in ensuring a high quality of care.

The projects

We have quite a lot of experience in this industry having worked with a number of care homes and homecare companies previously – most recently completing the website for Chosen With Care, who help find care homes for self-funders. This experience helped us to advise on the following key messages for the rest home:

  • To get across the small ‘home from home’ intimate family feel the home enjoys
  • To demonstrate that the home is very professionally run
  • To show the quality of the grounds
  • To demonstrate to residents’ families that they will be well looked after - a specific focus here was staff which is a real key in this market

With the homecare website we helped identify the following key messages which were important parts of the website strategy:

  • Highlight the quality of staff, their qualifications and the training support they provide for continuous staff improvement
  • A significant selling point is that Birchwood Care Services cover a much wider range of surrounding villages and rural areas than many larger homecare agencies. As a key selling point, we made this a prominent part of the website homepage
  • Demonstrate they’re a smaller agency and therefore able to provide a stronger continuity of care
  • Provide a ‘careers’ section as recruitment is so important

The interview

Niral Patel, the owner of both Birchwood House and Birchwood Care services was great to work with and was kind enough to complete an interview on the process and results of both projects:

Q. Tell us a bit about your businesses and how important your presence on the web is to it?

A. We are in care; a care home and a domiciliary care agency. With the internet being the go-to source for absolutely everything these days, a web presence is critical.

Q. Do you feel the new websites accurately represent the image of your businesses?

A. Without a doubt. The planning process was thorough, and the results definitely portray us perfectly.

Q. Are there any specific elements of design or functionality that stand out to you?

A. I wouldn’t say any one thing stands out, I am very pleased with everything. The design is slick yet simple, easy to use/navigate.

Q. How did you find the experience of working with Studio44 on these projects?

A. It was a pleasure. The team is professional and friendly, which make for the perfect combination when working with.

Q. Would you work with Studio44 on future projects?

A. Absolutely, and will happily recommend to others.

Thanks for the kind words Niral, and if you're looking at care for a relative or yourself, be sure to have a look at the websites!


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