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3rd July 2015Case Study – Airberg

Jack -

By Jack

Airberg have been exporting British food around the world for over a quarter of a century.

Running a highly sophisticated operation, it was completely understandable that their website had received less attention than it deserved.

Whilst not a critical element to their business operation, the website was marked to play a key role in attracting new business from airlines, hotels and supermarkets.

Airberg followed our approach to improve their website, with 3 services being of particular interest for this project:

  1. Design
  2. Copywriting
  3. Development


 1. Design

Given the global nature of their operation, the website needed a truly diverse appeal. As soon as you land on the homepage, you are greeted with a high impact photo of a container ship–often referred to as a ‘hero image’. This was purposefully picked to dispel the misconception that Airberg only dealt with air freight.

Airberg Hero Image

Going deeper into the consolidated site structure, you may notice a number of pages have been uniquely designed e.g. the interactive FAQ page. This all helps provide a clear overview of their complete business offering–something which was lacking in the old design.

Another careful consideration was taken when addressing the ‘What? Why? & How?’ questions procurement divisions may have whilst browsing through the site.

One of the smarter ways this has been accomplished is through the timeline presentation of a typical shipping process...

Airberg Shipping Process

2. Copywriting

Besides the new design, the wording across the pages was completely overhauled to align with the image they wanted to project. A professional tone was maintained whilst providing a subtle hint of a friendly, family-run business.

Once satisfied with how they were being portrayed, the content was marked up with relevant header tags to ensure the pages could be indexed to the liking of search engines. Compelling titles & meta-descriptions for these pages were also devised, in an effort to increase the likelihood of people clicking through to Airberg from search results.

3. Development

As is the case with all web designs we produce, Airberg’s complete message can be taken on board from any sized screen.

With their website properly optimised for mobile devices, it’s now a handy tool for giving product demonstrations to delegates at industry events.

Investing in their web presence is not the only bit of smart investment going on at Airberg. We hope the new website will play a small part in helping fill up the expanded frozen storage facility!

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